BCCAsFounders of Body Confidence Canada

The 2016 4th annual Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs) received a RARE treat when we were lucky enough to secure the highly sought after Daniel Pillai as our awards host!

Daniel seamlessly glided onto stage and into the hearts of our audience with his keen and well-timed sense of humour, his smooth dance moves, and his ability to vulnerably connect with our audience as he shared priceless reflections on his own journey towards body confidence throughout the evening! Daniel is a game changer.

In a society where men and boys are often stuffed into stifling “masculinity” gender boxes, Daniel rises as a confident voice and media personality who isn’t afraid to create his own mold as a fierce, fabulous, force of advocacy and entertainment one fashionable blazer at a time!” – Jill Andrew & Aisha Fairclough,

MusicRichie Rich

Daniel is one of the most professional, prepared, and elegant interviews I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He has flare, and panache, but that never clouds the discussion, which is always about content first. Music Producer

Karen David

“One risks hyperbole when describing the uniquely delightful, Daniel Pillai. His effervescence is contagious and can make any random stranger on the street open up and pour their life story out in front of you, AND with a smile! Spending time with Daniel and his infectious, positive energy, one can walk away feeling good about themselves, and feeling good about life”   Actress

Pooja Handa

Daniel is someone everyone loves being around. And what’s not to love? He’s charming, warm and hilarious! And of course there’s that infectious smile! But he’s also kind and caring and completely authentic. He inspires us all to embrace ourselves fully. I’m glad to call Daniel a friend and so proud of his drive and determination to follow his dreams and make them a reality. The world needs more Daniel!”   News Anchor & Media Personality,

TV/BroadcastKate Moore

As a passionate and dedicated Host, TV personality, Writer and Producer Daniel Pillai has made his mark on the television and entertainment industry. I met Daniel in 2012 ….my initial reaction, what a charismatic gentleman! I immediately was drawn to his personality. As I got to know Daniel it was evident that his passion, intelligence and joyfulness was at the heart of who he was. It was these qualities that he brought to every project, interview and show. While traveling to international destinations, interviewing celebrities and effortlessly navigating the red carpet, Daniel has always remained humble. This not only endears Daniel to his interviewees, but provides the groundwork for an in-depth and critical review.

As an Anti-bullying advocate and an LGBTQ supporter Daniel is committed to equality and compassion for all people. This is evident in his career and his philanthropic work. Daniel has, and always will be, one of those individuals who surpasses expectations and brings a little something special to every project he undertakes.” – TV Producer

Dina Pugilese

“Daniel is one of the most kind and warm people you will ever meet. His adorable dimples are the icing on the cake. ;)”   TV Host & Media Personality

Veronica Chail

Daniel‘s personality is infectious and his creativity is contagious. His work ethic and interactions with people are magical and leaves a lasting impression. Daniel‘s repertoire of media has spanned the globe and reminds us of why he is a rare talent”   TV Producer

BollywoodCelina Jaitly

Daniel is one of the most vibrant and amazing personalities that I have ever had the pleasure of being interviewed by. His cute dimples and amazing sense of humour truly won me over. I wish him the best. Bollywood Actress

Cheryl Hickey

“When Daniel introduces a new product to me I feel like I can trust in the heart behind it. Everything he does is with passion and drive and this is what sets him apart from the rest.”   Host of ET Canada

TV/BroadcastTracy Peart

As a Beauty Expert, I can always rely on Daniel to constantly keep me up to date with some of the latest from his brands, bringing unique story ideas, relevant information and strategic ideas to the table. He understands what I need, who our viewership is and how we work” – Beauty expert CityLine & Breakfast Television

TV/EntertainmentSangita Patel

Daniel has strong relationships across the industry with close ties to the world of Canadian television and cinema internationally. He’s a respected professional both for his brilliance, opinion, hard work and dedication. Working with Daniel is highly recommended – happy to call him a colleague and trusted friend!. Entertainment Reporter of ET Canada